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Top : Internet Play : Play by Post : Genre - Anime : Naruto

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Die Roller's Top 100

  • Naruto Creation RPG — An established, active Naruto RP Site with a large foundation of member created content, active moderators/admins, and a very simple system to keep things clean and precise. Always looking for new members to spruce up our laid back, open community full of experienced writers and role players. Top 100
    http://narutoc.prophpbb.com/ :: Updated 23-Jan-2011
    903 hits :: 10 Votes :: 4.75206 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link


  • Naruto Legends — Naruto Legends is an interesting new AU Naruto role playing site offering great customization for your character. Pick from a wide selection of jutsu and special abilities based off the series or make your own custom ones, quest with or battle against other people for items of great power, and shape the world around you as you go! Naruto Legends - create your own legend.
    http://narutolegends.ws/index/ :: Updated 19-Dec-2010
    262 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Naruto RPG — One of the most loved forum-based naruto RPG's has started to lose it's member's. We need to help it replenish it's life so it may be the greater game it once was. It has a friendly community and most of the active member's will help you wen in need. The site has even brought in the Magus.The Mage and sorcerer's of the naruto world. And lot's of awesome clan's like the chakra blade's of metsuki. The snow manipulation to lightning manipulatin
    http://narutouzumaki-rpg.coolbb.net :: Updated 20-Jan-2009
    423 hits :: 10 Votes :: 1.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Naruto RPG Saga — Here at Naruto RPG Saga, we strive to let everyone have their try at the shinobi world. Whether you can handle the challenge of war and struggles of everyday life of a ninja is up to you. Are you up to the task? In this world there are two kinds of people; the powerful and the pawns. Are you willing to trounce those who would dare to challenge you? Or will you just sit back and become a doormat for everyone to walk on? The choice is ultimately up to you.
    http://narutorpgsaga.forum-motion.com/forum.htm :: Updated 4-May-2010
    345 hits :: 10 Votes :: 1.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Naruto World — A RolePlaying Site called "Naruto World". Able to play any dead, alive cannon characters or make your own characters. Accepts any site to be added to Affiliates. A lot of freedom.
    http://naruto-world.speedyforum.com/portal.htm :: Updated 7-Feb-2009
    401 hits :: 10 Votes :: 1.28572 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Naruto: Hidden Secrets — Hidden Secrets, set in a timeline 5 years after the defeat of Madara and his moons eye plan, Naruto and company prosper in the land "Shinobi" until the eventual drums of war beat again.
    http://www.hsnaruto.com :: Updated 24-Mar-2011
    249 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • NarutoMUD — NarutoMUD is based off the anime Naruto. We strive to provide quality Naruto-style game play while making sure to stay true to it's Japanese roots while not adding any of the typical anime MUD style cheapness. We strive for perfection.
    http://g3e.mudmagic.com :: Updated 11-Apr-2006
    724 hits :: 10 Votes :: 1.68751 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Ninpocho Chronicles - Naruto RPG Forum — One of the original large online Naruto based forum RPGs. Maintained by a loyal group of staff and members and updated daily to guarantee optimum gameplay. Intended more for those wanting to roleplay in a professional setting with other experienced roleplayers, or those wanting to learn how to roleplay from seasoned veterans. Home to all Naruto and anime fans!
    http://ninpocho.com :: Updated 14-Dec-2005
    919 hits :: 10 Votes :: 2.52066 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Sidetracked Shinobi — Immerse yourself into the shadowy world of Sidetracked Shinobi, an alternate universe rpg based off Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto. Create your own customizable ninja, choose from hundreds of jutsu, hone your skills and step out into the open world. If you're looking for a rare and professional experience, we can recommend no site higher. Join the Sidetracked Community today!
    http://sidetrackedshinobi.net/sidetracked/shinobi :: Updated 11-Dec-2008
    384 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Soul Shuriken — This is a place where Bleach and Naruto collide, in one large role playing experience. This is site is for the true role players out there, who love to get into character. So if you love Bleach or Naruto, and if you love role playing. Come join us
    http://soulshuriken.forummotion.com/forum.htm :: Updated 27-Mar-2010
    285 hits :: 10 Votes :: 2.21926 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link

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