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  • Battlegrounds: RPG Edition — Virtual tabletop software that will let you play RPGs online or offline, using digital miniatures on digital maps. This cross-platform software supports both square grids and hex grids (including unit facings), so it's perfect for use with any RPG rules system. It's easy to use and includes a sophisticated Fog of War feature which dynamically reveals the map as the PCs explore. A free demo version is available for download.
    http://www.battlegroundsgames.com/ :: Updated 13-May-2007
    5979 hits :: 10 Votes :: 4.65916 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Conclave, online RPG with an old-school tabletop feel. — Ever wanted to play a tabletop roleplaying game or an MMO with friends but had trouble finding the time? We sure have. Work, school, family, even other hobbies: they all make it difficult to schedule hours-long regular gaming sessions. A game that would let you play for as long or short a time as you like, from any web-capable device, without sacrificing story or gameplay. That's Conclave.
    http://www.playconclave.com/ :: Updated 14-Oct-2014
    20 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • d20pro — This is great software that is inexpensive and works well for many different gaming systems.
    http://www.d20pro.com/ :: Updated 31-Mar-2011
    844 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Epic Adventures — An online 2nd and 3e D&D RPG community gaming regularly using OpenRPG software. EA develops custom adventures, characters, creatures, DM Resources, items, spells and the Epic World of Saas. Home of the prestigious Content Imp Awards for gaming resources and online communities.
    http://www.epicadventures.8m.net/ :: Updated 12-Jan-2002
    5767 hits :: 10 Votes :: 4.17997 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Ethereal Realms — An online roleplaying site that offers a wide genre of playing styles and rooms. Private, public and Hybrid rooms give users a wide selection of options. Programming style gives room hosts the ability to custom design individual rooms to give the correct mood and style
    http://ethereal-realms.org/ :: Updated 17-Feb-2003
    2154 hits :: 3 Votes :: 2.33333 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Fabletop — Fabletop is a web-based virtual tabletop for freeform gaming. Everything you need to play is built-in: miniatures, dice, chatroom, character sheets, and a simple free-form ruleset (d6 dice pool). When you register, you get your own "table" page, where you can GM games any time.
    http://fabletop.com :: Updated 3-Jan-2012
    544 hits :: 1 Votes :: 5.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Legendary Tales Official Website — Legendary Tales is a full featured editor/runner to allow the creation of party based text role playing games. It also supports images, sounds, colored text, auto-map, world map and many other features that make playing the game as easy and fun as possible.
    http://www.legendarytales.com :: Updated 7-May-2006
    3535 hits :: 3 Votes :: 4.33333 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • New 1000 AD — A free multiplayer turn based strategy war game based on civilizations around the year 1000 ad.
    http://www.new1000ad.com :: Updated 2-Sep-2010
    871 hits :: 2 Votes :: 5.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • RPG Virtual Tabletop — A place where Game Masters and Players alike can come and find all things connected with VT software, accessories and discussions. Includes news, reviews, articles, maps, tokens and adventures.
    http://www.rpgvirtualtabletop.com :: Updated 25-May-2007
    3140 hits :: 3 Votes :: 4.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Valhalla — Tough mortal adventures! A built-in system of law and order, with an arena for harmless Player Killing. A fully automated "Newbie Guide", for those completely new to MUDs, or just wanting a little bit of a helping hand to start. All your old favorite zones (like Tiamat) along with many brand new ones! Hundreds of nteractive quests. And, of course, Valhalla, where the slain adventurer may rest in peace.
    http://www.valhalla.com :: Updated 4-Aug-2007
    1864 hits :: 10 Votes :: 4.54193 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link

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