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Welcome to our People's Choice Awards Page. These sites have been rated best by visitors to the RPG Gateway and to the sites below.


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1Eternal Wars
Well Established Game with Astonishing Entertainment. Gain 5 million levels, explore 1 million places, defeat creatures/beasts for gold/items, do quests, buy equipment, chat/trade with other players!
From Internet_Play/MUDs/Roleplaying Site 523
2Rolemaster/MERP WebringHomepage
Rolemaster/ICE RPG Webring Homepage - Lists the requirements for becoming part of this Webring,as well listing sites which have been invited to join this ring but have either declined or not responded yet.
From Systems/Pen_and_Paper/ICE_Games Site 6963
3Paizo Publishing
Paizo Publishing®, LLC is the publisher of the Pathfinder® line of rules, adventures, sourcebooks, and campaigns combines decades of game design experience into one evocative system compatible with the 3.5 rules.
From Systems/Pen_and_Paper/Dungeons_and_Dragons/Pathfinder Site 9274
4Run Out The Guns!
This is an unofficial home page for Run Out The Guns!, an adventure kit" published by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE). It is, pure and simple, a roleplaying game about 17th century piracy in the Caribbean. It blends historical accuracy with swashbuckling elements, and, despite using a stripped-down version of Rolemaster as the basic game engine, it plays quickly and cleanly. It's intended to be an easy-to-learn RPG.
From Systems/Pen_and_Paper/ICE_Games Site 323
5Former Glory RP site
A Sci-fi, Mystery, Super hero RP with a detailed story line. Enter into a world where your actions will help to evolve the city & story to the next level. Will you use your powers to destroy the world, or will you bring it back to its Former Glory?
From Art_and_Fiction/Comics Site 2622
6Only After Nightfall
A play-by-post Role-Playing Game which follows Vince Valiant, a dishearten and hard-boiled private detective, as he combats the malevolent creatures inhabiting Los Angeles.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Supernatural Site 2147
7'Souls RPG
'Souls is play-by-post roleplaying game in a post-apocalyptic world. Humans have long since extinguished themselves with a military virus, but the wildlife persists, grows even. The Canis family in particular seems to have adapted very well and garnered the ability to change into a superior, bipedal from, the Luperci. Some embrace this new found gift, but others loathe it with passion, preferring their older, traditional lifestyle.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Supernatural Site 1545
8RPG Freak
An independent RPG site that prides itself on unique settings and variety in role playing. If you're sick of the same old settings everywhere you go, come to RPG Freak. No limitation on genre, no shortage of awesome.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post Site 391
9Solaria Weyr & Ketrin Hold
A canon Pern role-playing site set in an alternate 8th Pass, where woman are fighting for their rights and great role-play abounds. We're long-running, and have a fantastic, solid player base who just love to write!
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Science_Fiction Site 1237
10On The Road
On The Road is a Supernatural RP set during Season 6. Monsters are building an army and creatures that haven't been seen in centuries are suddenly back and out for blood. Heaven is embroiled in a bloody civil war, and Hell is leaderless. The apocalypse might be over, but this fight is just beginning. (Accepting canons and originals.)
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Supernatural Site 2290
11F2P Pokemon Style Monster MMORPG
Free to play browser based Monster Catching, Training and Battling MMO. Well if you love Pokemon games or looking for free to play online games, this game is just for you. Monster MMORPG has fully working PVP and integrated chat system so you will also enjoy with your friends while playing the game.
From Internet_Play/Browser_Based Site 158
12Romance of the Three Kingdoms Online
A turn based, historical simulation and role playing game based on the famous novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Players can custom create their character's stats, skills, and abilities and interact with other heroes in the mystical world of ancient China. Epic wars, heroic duels, political intrigue, assassinations, diplomacy, brotherhood and betrayal are just some of the instances one will experience as they fight to unite the shattered land.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Historical Site 1522
From the birth of 1999, SW-Fans.Net has prospered in all department. Roleplay fanatics slobber for RPing experiences, while others discuss their likes and dislikes in the Star Wars universe or general subjects. A great community, and one of the best Star Wars RP (play by post) sites ever. If you haven't RPed here, you haven't RPed at all.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Science_Fiction/Alternate_Earth Site 1956
14Creative Freedom RPG: Imaginations Run Wild & Free
Breaking free from the oppressions of other roleplay sites, you step into the world of Creative Freedom where we strive to allow all who have a drive and a need for creativity to express themselves freely in the world of roleplaying.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post Site 2494
15Shin Hyakuji High School
The original anything-goes Anime High School RPG. Going strong 6+ years! Hyakuji High School is a laid back forum rpg deeply rooted in various genre of anime while presenting an original storyline that focuses on a high school specifically designed to cater to students possessing super-human abilities. However, this concentration of super-powered individuals tends to draw a lot of villainous sorts present.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post Site 2441
16ComStar Media, LLC
We publish fiction novels and short stories, and are entering the game publishing business. As professional publishers, we do *not* charge our authors, we pay them. If you are interested in writing short stories and/or including your ideas in our next game, please come and visit us.
From Art_and_Fiction/Literature/Writers_Resources Site 11419
17Game Review Blog
Reviews on games and related topics. But mostly games.
From News_and_Accessories/Game_Book_and_Movie_Reviews Site 2659
18Before the Mast
An original swashbuckling adventure play-by-post RPG, set in 1719 in the West Indies. The sea is boiling in the war, leading the colonies at each other’s throats. Pirates are also on the prowl and both Spanish and British authorities swore to end piracy. Which side are you on?
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Historical Site 807
19Alpha- World of Klouth Homepage
Child, look to the east.what do you see? The darkness that covers the sky is getting larger. The forces that hold the world in balance are unraveling. These are strange times in which we live, the genesis of legends yet to be written. -Salein the Stargazer to the young Eldrik Risensair 1037 CY-
From Resources/Locations_and_Settings/Created_Worlds/Fantasy Site 10198
20Naruto Creation RPG
An established, active Naruto RP Site with a large foundation of member created content, active moderators/admins, and a very simple system to keep things clean and precise. Always looking for new members to spruce up our laid back, open community full of experienced writers and role players.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Anime/Naruto Site 1946
21Mendoza, Transylvania
Mendoza was once ruled by the evil High Alpha named Kief. His six children were raised beneath his rule, learning from him and following in his paw prints. Leto, Kief's first and favorite son, soon turned and killed his father and siblings, banishing one. Now the packs are at peace again. But, life can't be the same when Leto's son, Felksu, takes over the demon relem. Are the Sins and Virtues fighting for the right reasons?
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Furry Site 2097
22'Verse Online - A Firefly RPG, The
The 'Verse Online is a roleplaying community based on Joss Whedon's Firefly 'Verse. Please stop by and join in on the fun! We welcome writers/players of all sorts.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Science_Fiction/Space-Based Site 633
23DawnSea: Temples and Treasures
Custom 2nd edition AD&D campaign setting which includes black-markets, an Arena where players can fight for prizes, villages where you can gamble your gold, and dark favors from the evil undead! Players will have influence over a portion of the game content and first-time players receive a free treasure or free minor magical item!
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Email Site 164
24Rockman.EXE: Chaos Network
Since its beginnings over a year ago, RERN has been praised by its staggering variety of members for its RP value and originality. Over time, we've developed--but we remain a great destination for quality roleplaying. Knowledge not required; everyone is accommodated and the community is consistently friendly.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Anime Site 1359
Medieval mart, based in Inda, managed by french. High qualiy, cool prices. Professional payment.
From News_and_Accessories/Shopping/Swords_Armor_and_Costuming Site 475
26Chronicles of Thedas
Welcome to Thedas one and all! The year is 9:50 of the age of the Dragon and all of Thedas is witness - and victim - to the raging Mage-Templar War. Both sides have sworn to fight until the bitter end and those caught between be damned! Now the question is: Which side will YOU choose?
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_High_Fantasy Site 195
27Alpha Sanctuary
Nine centuries after the separation of Sanctuary from the Elder Plane, history is catching up... Dabble in magic, prove your worth in Lydina Arena, explore the farthest reaches of Sanctuary, and uncover the secrets lost in the flow of time. Alpha Sanctuary is a play-by-post roleplaying game in an original fantasy universe. Create a character and participate in a deep, player-driven storyline. A straightforward character application is required.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Mythic_Fantasy Site 568
28Shadowrun Polska. Serwis RPG
Polish Shadowrun RPG community fan site. We try to create net-book about Poland in the shadows. [Polish]
From Systems/Pen_and_Paper/Shadowrun Site 8171
29hack//DIVERGENCE: Which path will your destiny take you?
We're the longest running, highest quality .hack based play by post board on the net. Since 2003, the players, moderators and administrators have been joining forces in creating a "world" that's familiar, fun and exciting. "The World" is calling to you; where will your destiny lie?
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Anime Site 1773
30Advanced Institute for Sleuths
This old mansion once belonged to a mysterious Lady that the towns folk liked to call insane, but after her mysterious death along with the death of a young girl who stayed with her after the girl's parents died people began to forget that a murder had taken place. Over the years the names of the Lady and the girl were forgotten along with the murder. Just recently the mansion was bought and transformed into a school for detectives in training.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Modern Site 2374
31Black Country Role Playing Society
The official site of the Black Country Role Playing Society, an RPG club in the UK. This site is dedicated to all Rpg's and Role Playing in general. We meet every Thursday from 7.30pm-11.30pm. New members are always welcome.
From People_and_Places/Gaming_Groups/Europe Site 11178
32Knight's Honor
strategic medieval role play game at the dark ages at about the year 1000
From Internet_Play/Browser_Based Site 746
Gaming society, based in Belfast, Ireland.
From People_and_Places/Gaming_Groups/Europe Site 200
34Storm Fires Weyr
Welcome to Storm Fires Weyr, a fun and friendly Play By E-Mail role-playing group that is set on the Southern Continent during an Alternate Ninth Pass. The deadly rain of Thread falls once again upon Pern's lush greenery, and it's up to the Dragonriders of Pern to protect it!
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Email/Pern Site 632
35Cybertron's Core Transformers RPG Hub
One great Transformers site, two awesome games! Friendly, helpful staff with an ever-evolving roster of games awaits our fellow Transfans.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Science_Fiction/Alternate_Earth Site 1128
36Black Pigeon Press, Inc.
Black Pigeon Press, Inc. is the home of the Hacktastic D/20 Fantasy RPG.
From Systems/Pen_and_Paper/Indie_Games Site 3058
37Triad Weyrs
A post-AIVAS club with three Weyrs, six Holds, and twelve Halls to choose from, as well as bandits and trader caravans. We're very writing intensive and promote developing skills as well has having fun. Fairly strict to book canon, we're not 'wild-and-crazy' but our female repression scenario makes us something different than cookie-cutter Pern.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Email/Pern Site 7124
38Struggle of Souls
An intermediate literate Soul Eater role play set a year after the end of the Soul Eater manga.. With the defeat of the Kishin Asura one of the three seats of power in the world has opened. Now a race has begun to fill that deat with madness, magic,or order. Witches, kishin eggs, and Shibusen students all fight for control of the world, but who will win? The answer depends on you! Gone is the time of Medusa, Asura, and Shinigami. Join in this Struggle of Souls and create your own story!
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Anime Site 985
39Golden Sword
Goldensword's RPG club Website. [Spanish]
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_High_Fantasy/Medieval Site 8333
Solondral is a land in which two powerful kingdoms are constantly fighting each other. Choose whether to side with the creatures of magic and the Solondral Kingdom, or the Telarn Empire, which favors physical combat, or choose to remain neutral and try to end the war. We have an automated shop system, with which you can buy your IC gear.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_High_Fantasy/Medieval Site 739
41Omega Rising: Star Frontiers Resource Site
A Star Frontiers Resource Site
From Systems/Pen_and_Paper/Earthdawn Site 9044
Myrofas is a Dutch high-fantasy/mythic fantasy rpg. You'll find adventure, challenges, duels, inspiration, laughter and friendship on Myrofas, but also tips, information and great support for starting (RPG)writers.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_High_Fantasy/Medieval Site 1953
43World of Role Play, The
The World of Role Play. where creative freedom reigns. Here one can find a number of different role plays, including The Fallen World, Sanguis Divus Akin, the Empire of Neverskaya, and Gods and Men. Each of our Role Plays offer unique storylines and exciting opportunities for your creative juices to flow. Experienced role players and newcomers are welcomed!
From Internet_Play/Online_Playing_Facilities Site 2060
44Grendel's Cave
Grendel's Cave is a MUD role playing fantasy game based on Norse Mythology and the mythical characters Beowulf and Grendel. Pit mind, heart and magic versus Grendel in a dark-ages dungeon RPG.
From Internet_Play/MUDs/by_Age_-_Ancient Site 2234
A city built of for and by evil. Four brothers rule the city of humans, demons, angels, elves, dwarves even a minotaur or two. They answer to one person only. Mommy. Writers of all levels welcome. Come join in the forces of Shar as she seeks to obliterate the world or oppose her through subterfuge from within the city founded by her Chosen. Presently we range from professional writers to novices who have a great love of fiction.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_High_Fantasy/Cannon_-_Pre-history Site 1756
Tutto quello che volete sapere sul mondo del cinema e delle serie tv... e tanto altro ancora
From Art_and_Fiction/Movies_and_Television Site 356
47Celestia City
The Days of Eradication have passed, causing races to forge alliances they would have never done otherwise. The old clans have been destroyed, but new powers rise from the ashes of the ruined city. Which side will you choose?
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Gothic/Modern Site 1616
48Clan Lord
Clan Lord is a graphical MMORPG for both Windows and Mac. Characters are of seven races and three professions. The game encourages cooperation and community and restricts PvP to one small area. GMs develop several long-term storylines, some of which change the whole Clan Lord world. Subscription is US$9.95 per month or US$79.95 per year. A free demo is available.
From Internet_Play/Massively_Multiplayer_Online Site 1559
49Suspire Roleplaying Network
A free online irc gaming chronicle that is based on White Wolf Gaming's Vampire the Requiem and World of Darkness system. It includes player forums, character creation, house rules, city information, intuitive site developments, it's own dedicated roleplaying server with extremely dedicated and knowledgeable staff and more.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Chat/Genre_-_Gothic Site 2073
50Terra Celeste
These forums are a place for roleplayers interested in the Terra Celeste world created by Redefining Realities to gather and discuss how the system will progress. At this stage the system is being written and the staff encourage any roleplayers to join them and lodge their views. They hope to consider and take into account the views of the roleplay community now while the game is still flexible enough to change in order to meet their desires. A link to their main site is on the forum.
From Resources/Locations_and_Settings/Created_Worlds Site 11237
51DragonRiders of Pern - A Fantasy-Fiction Writing Club
DragonRiders is a creative writing club based on Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonriders of Pern"(R) novels. Our members create characters, write stories and interact via email lists. Our stories are set in various locations on the Southern Continent, in an alternate Ninth Pass (non-AIVAS) timeline, following "traditional" Pern canon. We are a full post, play-by-email club active since Jan. '96 with Anne McCaffrey's permission.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Email/Pern Site 1046
52World of the Wheel, The
The World of the Wheel is a Wheel of Time Role Play site based upon the series by author Robert Jordan. Set in the Third Age the taint on saidin has just been cleansed and there are tensions between the Black and White Towers. Join as a White Tower, Black Tower, Tower Barracks or World of the Wheel character at any rank and create stories within an imaginative and familiar setting.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Mythic_Fantasy Site 2018
53Dreamcatcher Valley
Dreamcatcher Valley is an ADVANCED, LITERATE wolf roleplay site that is in need of more members! Some magic involved. Other species allowed. Visit today!
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Furry Site 1429
54Gundam Afterlife
Gundam Afterlife is a Gundam based RPG board. The game uses a freeform combat system which means that there are no stats involved with it and it's based on your own skills.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Anime Site 1312
55BatMUD: The Age of Exiles
BatMUD: Introducing the word "Newbie" back into your vocabulary. A Graphical Java-client available for platforms such as Windows, MAC and even PS3 Linux.
From Internet_Play/MUDs/Graphical_MUDs Site 2393
56General Starlight's Fantasy Roleplaying Game Page
For the best articles about D&D ever in the history of the planet, Im just so good. And everyone else's isnt worth reading. Also part of the rpg gay league.
From Systems/Pen_and_Paper/Dungeons_and_Dragons Site 4714
57Universal War: Episode 3 The Return
Universal War is a science fiction, strategy, browser based game that runs 1 minute ticks and 1 hour ticks.
From Software/Computer_Games/Internet_Games Site 3008
In a post apocalyptic age, humanity struggles for survival. Amongst the ashes of your city, you have risen as a promising young warlord, but do you have what it takes to make your gang the best? Lead your gang to glory by expanding your territory, exploring pre-war areas and military bases, and testing your metal against other warlords just like you.
From Internet_Play/MUDs/Graphical_MUDs Site 11046
59Lusternia: Age of Ascension
Those daring to enter the exciting fantasy universe of Lusternia will find themselves plunged into a multi-planar realm where factions struggle to simply to survive.
From Internet_Play/MUDs/by_Age_-_Recent Site 11138
60National Gamers Guild - Games and More!
The national gamers guild is a member run organization that caters to gamers for many gaming styles. Collectable card games, role-playing,.
From People_and_Places/Gaming_Groups/North_America Site 762
rifts fansite on triax/ngr borders, lazlo, middle east, indian subcontinent, silk road, black market. OCC's/RCC's and NPC's, mercenary groups. Weapons, armour, robots and vehicles. magic and psionics.
From Systems/Pen_and_Paper/Palladium_Games/Rifts Site 875
62London Life, The
April 1811 - The time of year known by everyone who matters as the Social Season. Journey back with us to the English Regency period, an era of teas, musicales, and balls. This is an era in which one kiss could ruin a girl's reputation, rendering her completely unmarriageable. This is the era of dueling at dawn for one's honor. This is the world we are inviting you to join.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Historical Site 1606
63Demon Days
The Demons that were released and nearly destroyed the world have been sent back to hell. Humanity is finally back on track and is rebuilding to a better world. However, there are those that would rather see the demons rules and those that would want to rule themselves. Can humanity possibly stop these forces who wish to destroy the newly bestold peace, the side you choose is yours.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Supernatural Site 2883
64Fantasy Makers Industries
Official Home of the Talarius Gaming System.
From Systems/Pen_and_Paper/Indie_Games Site 9958
65Realm of Wu Gong
Realm of Wu Gong is a forum based role play game that is set in a fantasy world. Players create and play their character known as "chosen ones" through the game. They could either play as a ruler to unify the realm under one rule or as officers working to conquer the realm under their ruler's command. Players can also play as free characters in search of adventures, destiny and so forth. Only your imagination and idea will be the limit to what you want your character to become.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Anime Site 1412
1974- the cold war is on, but the Russians are the least of our worries, vampires, psycics, disgruntaled G-Men, cyborg NAZIs, demons, and these are just the good guys. Them and others help protect America and her citizens from the supernatural and thier application by enemies abroad
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Supernatural Site 325
67Imaginers: An Original Anime-Fantasy Roleplay
The town of Alamira is connected to a vast landscape called the Dream World, a place with a rare resource called Dream Dust that Alamira uses to function and survive. The Dream World bestows any one of three skills to whosoever wanders within it, and Alamira's Base of Operations hires such gifted people to go to the Dream World and attain as much Dust as possible. Become an Imaginer, a Navigator, a Fighter, or the feral Nightmare class, and traverse the Dreamscape!
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Anime Site 425
68Birch Bookstore
A online roleplaying bookstore with 100's of books for aberrant, exalted, changeling, hunter, mage, mummy, vampire, werewolf, wraith, trinity, shadowrun, earthdawn, battletech, dungeons and dragons, star trek, star wars, marvel super heroes and alternity.
From News_and_Accessories/Shopping/Amazon_Fronts Site 1362
69USS Dauntless
A new view of the Final Frontier. The USS Dauntless, an Excelsior-Class vessel, refitted for service in the Galactic South. Her untested (but still testy) Commander, unsure of his readiness to command. The valiant crew, assigned to support the ship and her captain. Individually they are heroes. Together, they are invincible. These are their voyages. These are their stories. You can join them and add your own. Be Brave. Be Daring. Be... Dauntless!
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Science_Fiction/Space-Based Site 384
70Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
The magic of Harry Potter meets the magic of the bush in Australia's answer to Hogwarts. With all new classes and old favourites, the new dawn is here. And the question is - how far would YOU go to create a better world?
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_High_Fantasy/Modern Site 2057
71Orone, Hub of Worlds
Orone, Hub of Worlds. Located at the crossroads of a thousand planar pathways, the city teems with life from all corners of the wide, and oftentimes surprising, multiverse. Our community is open to all members, no matter their skill level or roleplaying background, and any type of character imagineable can find a home within the City's towers and guilds. So pull up a chair, and tell us your tale... and remember, don't feed the goblins!
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_High_Fantasy/Modern Site 3805
72Ancient Anguish
Looking for a huge world to explore? Want a world where you can explore to your heart's content, then become a wizard to create new places? You've come to the right place! Ancient Anguish is a vast, free, and incredibly engaging MUD that has since 1992 retained a friendly and loyal player base. Always active, always implementing new things, dedication to balanced, high quality and unique areas, classes, guilds, and more.
From Internet_Play/MUDs/by_Age_-_Ancient Site 232
73Midlands RPG Player GM Finder.
This is to help Players & GM's who have moved away from their regular group, to find existing groups or form new groups in the Midlands, England. It has over 45 members and growing who are either seeking a group to join or have already joined a group they found in it. There are also files shared on several games. All members are welcome but please be clear that this site is designed to help players and gms who move into the Midlands region of the UK, to find a new group. Please Rate It.
From People_and_Places/Gaming_Groups/Europe Site 10056
74Megaman RPG
An in-depth Megaman RPG with a plot-driven game that still manages to balance roleplaying with a solid and objective system of character growth and combat.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Cyberpunk Site 84
75Tales of the Carnelian Coast
A world constantly torn by the conflicts between gods, demons, and heroes as they strive toward supremacy. Site includes extensive regional descriptions, stories, maps, art, and a free home-brew system.
From Resources/Locations_and_Settings/Created_Worlds/Fantasy Site 6600
Voted #1 for customer service and pricing. We have ALL singles in stock. We have hard to find out of print cards(ipa, otj), foils, rares, uncommons, boosters, packs, tickets.
From Systems/Collectible_Card_Games/Magic_The_Gathering Site 11180
77Eiyuu Kishi Den
An RPG based on the high fantasy anime Record of Lodoss War (the OAV and Chronicles of the Heroic Knight). This game began in 2001 and has continued since. Instead of reprising the roles of characters from the animes, our game is made up of original characters and follows new storylines in this fantasy world.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Anime Site 2013
Spanish roleplaying site. Sitio de rol en Espaol. A lot of resources, news, games,. Un montn de recursos, noticias, juegos,.. [Spanish]
From Resources/GM_Guides_and_Toolkits/House_Rules_and_Advice Site 6711
79Games Club - Cannock, The
Role-playing, wargaming, collectible card games ( ccg's) located in central Cannock, Staffordshire. Club meets on a Sunday night between 6 and 10 PM. We play a variety of games including Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Mordheim, Magic The Gathering to name but a few. For more info please visit our website.
From People_and_Places/Gaming_Groups/Europe Site 12
80Dark Ages
Harry Potter Role-Play site that takes place in 2015. Voldemort is gone, new group on the rise and Minister of Magic elections are taking place.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Chat/Genre_-_High_Fantasy Site 645
81MTG: Lorwyn
Magic The Gathering; The popular card game we all know and love is now an rpg. It includes elements from the new set Lorwyn, with tribal aspects and planeswalkers. It also incorporates new ideas such as portals which make use of hidden boards, "mana" instead of the normal rpg gold, and much more! Come check us out, you wont be disappointed.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_High_Fantasy/Modern Site 1426
82Trickster's Lands
Trickster's Lands is set in Tamora Pierce's Copper Isles three generations after the reign of Queen Dovasary. Currently there is peace, but beneath the earth, the long imprisoned Jaguar Goddess is planning her escape.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_High_Fantasy/Medieval Site 1804
83Desert Realm Fantasy and Sci-Fi Search Engine
Search Engine for Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Roleplaying websites.
From People_and_Places/Web_Directories_and_Links Site 8426
84Black Swan ~ A Pirate Story Line
Adventure upon the high seas and various shores. Pillaging and plundering isn't all that's embarked upon. Mayhem, conspiracies, battles on the open seas and shores. There is even romance! Many sagas, with more yet to come. Join us, or follow the stories as they unfold. (Text based play)
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Chat/Genre_-_Fantasy Site 729
85Pirate's Cache
Pirates of the Caribbean RP – storylines within various timelines. RPG is a game so we don’t take things TOO seriously. Open to both beginners & experienced RPers but applications are required & we expect a certain level of writing skills. There is quality control over the characters we accept: limited # of female pirates and NO Mary Sues. If you're looking to perfect your writing skills, we may not be for you - but if you're just out for some fun then join us at Pirate's Cache!
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Historical Site 2169
The world of Emril is an irc RPG that uses the D&D 3.5 edition ruleset with some house rules. The setting is steampunk with some medieval aspects. We have a friendly staff and player base that is always willing to help new players. Sessions/quests are done on a weekly basis. We also have freeform roleplaying during downtime.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Chat/Genre_-_Fantasy Site 1894
87X-Men Movieverse
X-Men Movieverse is an X-Men game set in the movieverse of the first X-Men movie. We often take inspiration from comic canon, but we enjoy the realistic flavor the movieverse provides. We're a character and plot-heavy game, with politicking and long-ranging plot arcs high on our list. We accept both FCs and OCs, are set in present-day New York, and have many active factions, including Xavier's School, the X-Men, The Hellfire Club, the Friends of Humanity, and the Brotherhood of Mutants.
From Internet_Play/MUDs/by_Age_-_Recent Site 289
88Magic 4 You
Magic the Gathering resource, news, community, articles, discussions, reports, decks, shop, trade, links. Site is updated frequently
From Systems/Collectible_Card_Games/Magic_The_Gathering Site 154
89Epic Words
Epic Words is an on-line home for table-top Role Playing Games. It’s a place for Game Masters and Players to collectively chronicle their adventures, plan sessions, and tracking important stuff like loot and experience points. Basic Accounts are FREE, and it's compatible with all RPG systems.
From Internet_Play/Online_Playing_Facilities Site 5739
90Darkfuries: Maelstrom Fantasy Campaign Setting
Original world for all RPG's. Maps, cities, castles, floorplans, countries, deities, heraldries, and much more.
From Resources/Locations_and_Settings/Created_Worlds/Fantasy Site 5289
91Bump in the Night
Will you be brought to justice, or will you be the harbinger? Or… will you just go on through life without knowing about the supernaturals that live amongst you and others like you? You can only ignore it for so long. Even a young child notices when things go Bump in the Night.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Gothic/Modern Site 1095
If you are looking for a light, fast paced and highly interactive browser based strategy game in feudal times which won't consume your time try this one.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Historical Site 1554
93NX-06 Meridian
It is one hundred and fifty years in the future - the year 2157 - and Starfleet is poised to enter one of the most definitive phases in it's evolution; war with the Romulans! The NX-06 Meridian is part of the 'Starfleet: the First Era' role-playing group, and together with our sister SIMs we enjoy Star Trek at it's most exciting - the 'Enterprise' era. Any questions? Contact me at turtleback@gmail.com Captain Theodore Grant Commanding Officer NX-06 Meridian
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Email/Genre_-_Science_Fiction Site 1033
94Realms of the Imagination, The
Top Secret SI site devoted to the more alternative forms of the game. We have superheroes and Villians as well as the regular espionage.
From Systems/Pen_and_Paper/Top_Secret Site 6433
95Vital Breath
Vital Breath is a place with nearly unlimited freedom. All animals are playable, including fish, land animals, insects, extinct animals, dinosaurs, and domestic animals. There are also Guardians; animals spirits who watch over the land of Amanija. You can even be a herd leader. With an interesting and completely original theme and plot, things are never boring at Vital Breath.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Furry Site 1989
96Mafia Planet
Mafia Planet a place where the criminals rule the world. For many years mafia families have been fighting for the top to be the best. You have many tasks to do and work your way up in the rank steal cars, human trafficing, produce and sell drugs murder rival mafia members and more. Only the strong survive, have you got what it takes? Sign up today FREE!!! for the best number 1 mafia game online.
From Internet_Play/Browser_Based Site 1040
97New Age Descendants
1600 years have passed. The continents of the world have been reshaped by an apocalyptic flood into a single crescent-shaped mass now populated by strange, mutated creatures. In New Age Descendants, you can create a character from any of the three races (humans, droids, and mutants) and explore the world as it is now. Take on missions, make friends, or even save civilization as we know it.
From Internet_Play/Play_by_Post/Genre_-_Cyberpunk Site 2566
98Sages of RPG - A Portsmouth NH Roleplaying Group, The
The sages of RPG are a small group of teens who get together after school with the help of our local teen center, New Heights. We play typical table top roleplaying games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Werewolf, Toon, and many others. We also run Live Action Roleplays. Our LARP games are fast paced and exciting we have message board that can be used to discuss anything RPG and our staff at Sages know a lot about what they do and are a great resource for anyone.
From People_and_Places/Gaming_Groups/North_America Site 8677
99Ministry Hogwarts
It is Harry Potter's seventh year at Hogwarts and everything has gone awry. The Ministry have seized the opportunity to place one of their own as Headmaster. Rebellion in the school seems inevitable. Outside of Hogwarts, the Order of the Phoenix has its share of problems. Voldemort is preparing for the final, determining battle. It is up to everyone to take action in the fight for good - or evil. The question is, who will fight harder?
From Systems/by_Setting/Harry_Potter Site 285

Note: If there are less than 100 sites here, it is because a site currently needs a minimum of 10 votes to qualify. This list is reset quarterly (every three months).

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