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Abandon the Search for Truth... Settle for a Good Fantasy

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Gold Wyrm Picks

  • Strolen's Citadel: The Idea Guild — Strolen's Citadel provides an interactive searchable resource for both game masters and players. The page includes user submitted adventure hooks, plots, items, misc ideas, and NPCs to be used in your game. The forum compliments the site by holding essays, tutorials, and game ideas that don't fit anywhere else as well as good ole conversation. This site continues to grow with your help, so join our community, put in a submissions, and have fun. Gold Cool
    http://www.strolen.com/ :: Updated 9-Sep-2002
    12834 hits :: 10 Votes :: 4.53510 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link

Die Roller's Top 100

  • Pete's RuneQuest & Roleplaying! — One of the oldest and largest RPG sites online. Scenarios, art, NPCs, character sheets, reference sheets, rules, an online game, old zines, quizzes & polls, selected links, and over a thousand chaotic features, found items, & magic items - add your own! For RuneQuest and ALL fantasy roleplaying games and settings. Top 100 Cool
    http://www.maranci.net/rq.htm :: Updated 21-Feb-2002
    9716 hits :: 38 Votes :: 4.99999 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link


  • Brett Slocum's Games Page — Devoted to games, especially roleplaying games, including GURPS, Tekumel, TFT, Chivalry and Sorcery, Simply Roleplaying! and Witchcraft. Original content including GURPS Tekumel, the Random GURPS Campaign Gnerator, the Lorimyr campaign, GURPS C&S conversion, GURPS Witchcraft conversion, and Uncle Enzo's Cosa Nostra Pizza, my contribution to All of the Above, the GURPS APAZine.
    http://www.weirdrealm.com/rpg/ :: Updated 2-Dec-2002
    1103 hits :: 3 Votes :: 4.66667 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • D&D Haven, The — The D&D Haven is a great site with a ton of content! Character portraits, feats, prestige classes, new spells, fantasy music, and more!
    http://dndhaven.iwarp.com :: Updated 3-Sep-2001
    1559 hits :: 1 Votes :: 2.00 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Depakote — Palladium rules, character classes, creatures, magic, psionics, techno-wizardry, more.
    http://home.earthlink.net/~japple/depakote/ :: Updated 17-Feb-2001
    932 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Frumpar's Lair of Doom — Vampire sites. The paris Vampire chronicles - marc the draconian garden gnome's Vampire site. Http://www.thedarkcity.nu/ - place for all kinds of wod.
    http://www.fortunecity.com/rivendell/sentient/1040/ :: Updated 8-Feb-2001
    657 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • I, Nealok — Before you go any further, please be warned that this site is not in any way intended for children. I do not have pornography on this site. I do not encourage violence in any form, and I do not condone any activity which could ever get me or anyone else arrested. But there are topics and words which appear on this site which some parents would not approve their children reading.
    http://members.tripod.com/Plyler/nrpgr.html :: Updated 23-Feb-2001
    734 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Quillmaster — Role Playing resources from a veteran role player currently working on a fantasy novel. Includes characters, scenarios, sci-fi, galleries, articles and more.
    http://quillmaster.co.uk :: Updated 24-Jul-2000
    695 hits :: 1 Votes :: 4.00 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Talisman Island — A fan site dedicated to Games Workshop's Talisman - The Magical Quest Game. Home of Talisman Island, Mystic Brews, Noblemen, various conversions and a plethora of other fan-made work.
    http://www.talismanisland.com/ :: Updated 20-Aug-2002
    1019 hits :: 6 Votes :: 5.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Thurbane's Domain — Dungeons Dragons ADnD spells Magic items invoker necromancy monsters wand staff rod sword beholder ganzid thurbane tulsa lich power game spellbook.
    http://angelfire.com/games/thurbanesdomain/ :: Updated 03-Jan-2001
    783 hits :: 3 Votes :: 5.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Welcome to the Tomb of night — Welcome to the tomb of night. Enter and enjoy. This page was created by the heart of midnight specifically for the purpose of collecting new dungeons.
    http://rivendell.fortunecity.com/normality/883/ :: Updated 29-Feb-2000
    612 hits :: 1 Votes :: 1.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link

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