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Abandon the Search for Truth... Settle for a Good Fantasy

Top : Systems : Pen and Paper : World of Darkness : Mage The Ascension
Editor(s): Hawksteel

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  • Awakening Lounge, The — This is the community for discussion of World of Darkness games, primarily Mage: the Ascension. Settings, ideas, mini-reviews of new books or Mage-ish games, real life news events that seem to belong to the Sons of Ether -- there are many possibilities. Posts should relate to the topic in some way, or offer a way for Mage: the Ascension players to get involved in the a concrete way in improving the world.
    http://community.livejournal.com/spysdemise/ :: Updated 19-Jun-2006
    470 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • GURPS mage: The Ascension — Enter the World of Darkness, where mages of the awakened Traditions battle the cold Technocracy in an ancient war to decide the fate of humanity's fragile souls. Wield incredible, earth-shaking power, but do not be too arrogant, for all power has its price. The forces of Paradox wait to destroy those who bend reality too much. Enter a world without limits. Enter a world where everything is possible. Official
    http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/books/MageTheAscension/ :: Updated 19-Jun-2006
    822 hits :: 1 Votes :: 1.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Sanfield Rock — A play by post game that is very active. Our game is set in a fictitious town in Georgia. Always looking for new players
    http://sanfieldrock.aceboard.com :: Updated 18-Jan-2009
    579 hits :: 1 Votes :: 5.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Wake Up To Reality — We are the Awakened. We know the truth about reality. We can bend reality, shape it to our will. But beware - bend too much, and like anything else, it will break.
    http://www.ogmiosproject.org/articles/wake_up_to_reality.html :: Updated 19-Jun-2006
    471 hits :: 3 Votes :: 5.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link

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