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Top : Frequently Asked Questions

Compiled from Effie Rover's Mailbox :-)

Q. How Do I Play {Insert RPG System Here}?

A. You sit down with a person who knows how to play already. Click here to find players in your area. At least, that's the easiest way. If you're all new, there are several web sites dedicated to teaching you how to play any RPG. Click here for some general advice.

Q. Can you please review my really cool RPG site?
    I have a cool site you might like to look at, Effie.

A. Absolutely! Put it in the Great Wyrm. I'll get to it, usually within the day. Guaranteed within the week. And I actually do look at the sites submitted, so the fastest way to get me to look at your cool site is to do so. If you're already in and looking for a re-review, or if you'd like general comments about your site, post your request in our Gold Wyrm Request Forum.

Q. Effie, can you link to my web site?

A. Ummm, yes, I think so. Add your site to the Great Wyrm. That gets you a link. If your traffic is over 150,000 page views per month and you'd like special consideration, email me. We can work something out. If your traffic is under that, consider placing a Vote Button on your site for the Die Roller's Top 50. It's a great way to up your traffic.

Q. How do I change my listing?

A. Use the Modify Your Site link. You'll need to know the exact URL as it's been entered in the Gateway, so perhaps a look at your listing is a good idea first. You can always find the above link on the right hand side of any page in the Gateway.

Q. Hey Effie, did you know that one of the sites in your index has copyrighted material on it?
    Effie, this site stole material from mine. I don't think they should be listed on your index.

I'm not a Net Nazi, folks. If there's copyrighted material on any web page and you'd like to report it, email the game company. In the case of Dungeons and Dragons (the most common illegal postings), the address is legal@wizards.com. If they stole material from your site, write to their host (the company that provides them with web hosting). A typical address looks like abuse@yahoo.com but check with the provider to be sure. I used to say email the site owner, but most of them don't listen, so these days I go straight to the host. That should take care of the problem.

Q. Hey Effie, have you ever played {insert game/adventure/module here}?
    What do you think about {game/adventure/module}?

A. Maybe. Maybe not. Hie yourself over to The Council of the Elders and ask for a review. If I've played it, I'll be happy to review it for you there. If not, maybe someone else can answer your question. That way, answers are posted for the next person who comes along and everybody benefits. While you're at it, why don't you post some comments yourself (registration is recommended but not required) for the benefit of the next guy. I'll be more likely to answer your post if you participate. That's the nature of the 'Net.

Q. Can you help me with my {really neat project here}?

A. You gotta be kidding me. Like this site? There is currently one person behind it. That's right, one. Me. Every spare minute I have is bent into keeping the RPG Gateway up to date and the best source of RPG info I can make it. That's what I do with my spare time.

Note: if you email me any questions which can be answered by this page, or your life story with no specific question or intent, don't expect a reply.

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